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Personalised Care, Boundless Compassion, Extraordinary Commitment

Auspire Care’s vision is to provide exceptional home care and support to individuals in need. We have been committed to positively impacting lives by ensuring your well-being, independence, and quality of life. With years of experience and a passion for delivering extraordinary care, we continue to evolve and grow, adapting to the community’s ever-changing demands. By choosing us, you can expect nothing less than exceptional care from our dedicated team of professional carers.

Services We Offer

We offer an extensive range of services, dedicated to adults with disabilities, carefully curated to meet specific goals and thoughtfully curated to suit your unique needs. 

Determine how to fund your services

Discover seamless funding solutions for in-home care services, empowering you to tailor a bespoke care plan that aligns with your needs and preferences.
Enabling seniors prioritising independent living at home, Home Care packages cater to a range of needs with four unique levels—from Level 1, to Level 4. Each level provides dedicated funds to address your specific requirements, ensuring personalised support for your preferred lifestyle while maintaining flexibility to meet diverse needs.

Privately Funded Packages

With the flexibility and autonomy to finance your care services using personal resources, private funding allows you to customise and maintain control over the type and extent of care you receive. Without relying on external assistance, this approach ensures that your in-home care is tailored to your specific requirements.

Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)

The CHSP, an Australian government initiative, assists older individuals in preserving independence by providing entry-level services like domestic assistance and personal care. This initiative supports elevating overall well-being and the quality of life for those seeking in-home care, with a focus on creating a tailored and supportive environment to meet individual needs.

Why Choose Us

We create a  comforting and welcoming environment, providing you with the utmost warmth, compassion, and support that will make you feel truly at home. 

Personal Care

We create individualise plans crafted to meet your specific needs, preferences, and choices, promoting well-being and preserving dignity, promoting holistic well-being.

Domestic Support

From meal preparation to cleaning and gardening, our experienced support workers are here to assist you with a wide range of household tasks.

Health & Vitals

Your health and well-being are our top priorities. Enjoy the benefits of a healthy and nourishing diet that fuels your vitality and enhances your wellness.

Long-Term Care Packages

In addition to building a long-term relationship, we also offer personalised solutions at a comparatively lower price.

Understand Your Needs

We not only look after your physical requirements but also understand the cultural preferences and the lifestyle you have back home. 

Home Care Support

With our in-home care support, you can maintain your independence, receive the care you need, and enjoy comfort and familiarity in your cherished home.

Life Skills Development

Unlock your full potential, gain independence in all aspects of life. We’re committed to assisting you in acquiring essential skills for personal growth and self-sufficiency.

Community Participations

We are committed to supporting you in engaging with your community, participating in meaningful activities, and creating lasting connections with others. 

What our customers are saying

Hear what our satisfied customers have to say about their experience with us. 

Getting Started: Making Home Care Services Accessible for You

Embarking on your journey to access Home Care services? Here’s a guide to help you get started on making home care services accessible and tailored to your unique needs.

Connect with us

Schedule an appointment with us quickly and effortlessly by filling out a form or simply reaching out via our contact number or email.

Understand Your Needs

Once we gain a comprehensive understanding of your needs, we will assist you in navigating quality home care support services.

Select Care Plans

After we collect your detail needs, we'll provide you with options to manage care needs—self-manage, partial, or full management.

Initial Consultation

Our experienced professionals will guide you through a custom plan that suits you best.

Create a Service Agreement

Once you are happy with the suggested plan, we will initiate our services promptly upon your agreement to our terms and conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a local home care service provider in Coburg, Melbourne.  We provide services across various suburbs including:

  •  North Melbourne
  •  North East Melbourne
  •  North West Melbourne

We prioritise quality in our home care support through certifications, qualified staff, person-centred approaches, continuous improvement, and effective feedback mechanisms. We invest in ongoing professional development, ensuring that our team possesses the necessary expertise, skills, and knowledge to deliver exceptional care and support to home care participants.

Yes! We provide in-home assistance to support individuals in the comfort of their own homes. We understand the importance of personalised and tailored support that meets the specific needs of participants in their familiar environments. Our dedicated team of professionals can deliver a range of in-home care assistance. By offering in-home services, we aim to enhance participants’ independence, well-being, and quality of life while promoting a sense of security and familiarity within their residences.

Once the Service Agreement is signed, we will work diligently to initiate assistance. You can discuss the estimated timeline with us directly. We strive to initiate support and aim to minimise any delays. Typically, the process involves an initial assessment to determine the participant’s requirements and develop a personalised care plan for people living with a disability.  We will provide you with more specific information based on your circumstances and the availability of resources to commence services promptly.

A wide range of care services are funded to assist older Australians to live independently to enhance their independence, well-being without relying on the support of family. Some of the typical services that the home care package may fund include:
  • Registered nurse visits for chronic condition attention, medication, and wound care.
  • Assistance with personal care and grooming like showering and shaving.
  • Help with household administration tasks such as paperwork and bill payments.
  • Chores and housekeeping services including cleaning and laundry.
  • Light garden maintenance including lawn mowing and weeding.
  • Minor home maintenance services for electrical work and plumbing.
  • Support with shopping, transportation, and meal preparation.
  • Subsidized home-delivered meal services.
  • Travel support for shopping, medical visits, and social activities.
  • Provision of goods and assistive technology like shower chairs and personal alarms.
  • Mobility aids like wheelchairs and walking frames as per the care plan.
  • Home modifications for safety and accessibility, like widening doorways.
  • Allied health services such as podiatry and physiotherapy for age-related decline.
  • Dementia-specific therapy options under the Home Care Package.
  • Social support and companionship, including visiting and community engagement.


The home care packages aim to provide support tailored to each participant’s unique requirements. However, you can access the care services depending on the level of home care packages only.

The average home care package varies based on the level of care needed, ranging from Level 1 to Level 4 with funding starting at $393.96 and going up to $2,285.78 per fortnight. The amount left for care services after deducting management fees increases with each level, allowing for more hours of personal care.

The following items are not funded by home care package:

  • Groceries (except medically prescribed supplements and enteral feeding products)
  • Day-to-day bills (like electricity, water, car registration, petrol)
  • Medications (excluding those covered by the PBS or public hospitals)
  • Fees for government-funded care services (Medicare, PBS, etc.)
  • Home modifications or capital items not related to care needs (aesthetic reasons, heating/cooling systems)
  • Household appliances (with few exceptions for medical reasons)
  • Electronics (laptops, phones) and related costs (telephone, internet)
  • Entertainment expenses (club memberships, event tickets, gambling)

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