About Us

Auspire offers flexible service that accommodates the full spectrum of care
from companionship right through to end of life care.
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About Auspire Care

Auspire Care gives everybody what they want, allowing families to retain their existing roles, whilst their loved receive the support and clinical oversight of qualified and experienced carers.

Auspire offers flexible service that accommodates the full spectrum of care from companionship right through to end of life care.

Our staff members and programs can support you to care for yourself, participate in and attend social activities with friends or groups, make choices for your care, work with the suppliers you want and trust, negotiate services, and identify solutions in areas that you have difficulties.

Our Mission:

To add value to our community by providing high-quality community care services tailored to meet clients’ needs.

Empowerment - Flexibility - Lifestyle

Flexibility with Support Staff members for your Daily Activities
Have services when you want, and negotiate the dates and times that are suitable to you and your lifestyle. Work with the same people and trust that they will be there to listen to you.

Case Management
for Aged Care

A Case Manager is your partner in care. We are here to provide you with options so you can choose the care you want and also to support you to resolve issues and reduce any barriers that stop you to complete your daily activities at home or in the community. We are qualified, have experience and we know the services around so you don’t have to waste time looking for them and focus on the important areas of your day-to-day activities.
Support Coordination for NDIS Participants
The Support Coordinator is there to help you to understand so you can navigate your plan. Your Support Coordinator is there to provide options and links to community and support groups, health professionals, and peer groups so you can choose the people you want to partner with to help you reach your goals. Is also there, to support you when you are feeling unwell, tired, and sometimes overwhelmed and ensure that your care plan is working for you.
Services at home so I can remain independent
Auspire Care can support you with a package of services at home to remain independent. The Support or Personal Care care staff members can provide a package of care to support cleaning the house, preparing a meal, helping with medication, helping with shopping, having a shower, or helping with grooming and dressing. Helping with home maintenance and ensuring that your house is safe.
Activities at home or in the community
Auspire Care staff members can support and link you with groups or activities at home or in the community so you can reunite with friends, continue to be part of social groups or events you always enjoyed, and attend cultural activities and events so you still feel connected to your community and culture.
Health and
Our health professionals can support you with nursing so you address your wound or medication management, or provide advice to manage and monitor certain conditions such as diabetes to ensure that your health is a priority. They can also advise about continence so you are feeling safe and comfortable when you are at home or when you are out and about in the community. They can make sure that you are eating and hydrating and check if you have any issues with your skin that can become infectious.

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