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Discover the joy of a well-maintained home without sacrificing your time and energy, creating a comfortable and clean space that truly feels like home.

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From Chores to Freedom: Get Assistance with NDIS Domestic Activities in Melbourne

Do you find yourself constantly held back by mundane household tasks when you could be pursuing your passions? Our NDIS household task services are designed to transform the home environment and help participants focus on what truly matters. Our proficient team of support workers is here to tackle all your daily chores, whether it is cleaning, organising, handling laundry, or meal preparation. We prioritise quality and attention to detail, ensuring your home is a place of comfort and cleanliness.

With adaptable scheduling to match your preferences, you can liberate yourself from the burdens of daily household duties and rediscover the freedom to fully engage in your passions and interests. Our NDIS household services aim to maintain a well-functioning and pleasant living environment, supporting your pursuit of a fulfilling lifestyle.

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Our Approach to NDIS Household Activities

Our client-centred approach ensures your satisfaction by tailoring our support to enhance the quality of your daily life and overall living experiences.

Personalised Assistance

By listening and collaborating, we will create a customised plan for your household activities, ensuring the assistance aligns with your expectations.

Choice and Control

Respecting your unique preferences and allowing you to make informed choices, we will enhance your sense of ownership within your home environment.

Regular Assessment and Adaptation

As we offer continuous and adaptable support, our team will conduct routine assessments to ensure our assistance aligns with your evolving requirements.

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Making Every Day Easier with Domestic Assistance

Balancing household tasks can often feel overwhelming, but our assistance with domestic chores provides a path to a well-maintained home and the restoration of your valuable time. Streamline and manage your daily life effortlessly through our comprehensive array of care services for domestic tasks. Whether it is routine housekeeping or specific daily tasks, our dedicated team is prepared to lighten your load. This empowers you to concentrate on the activities you adore, savour quality moments with loved ones, cultivate your hobbies, or simply unwind and rejuvenate. 

At Auspire Care, our dedicated care team strives not only to streamline your daily life but also to elevate its overall quality. Experience this newfound freedom with our personalised domestic assistance, enabling you to reclaim your time and embrace a more harmonious and enriching lifestyle.

Access Assistance with Household Activities in Melbourne 

Effortlessly manage the demands of your daily life in Melbourne. Follow these essential steps and preserve your cherished sense of independence and choice.

1. Contact Us
2. Eligibility Assessment
3. Discuss Your Needs
4. Plan Management and Funding Allocation
5. Service Agreement
Step 1
Contact Us
With Auspire Care as your reliable companion, we are here to engage in a conversation and uncover ways we can lend a helping hand. For personalised insights and valuable information regarding our household tasks NDIS services, do not hesitate to connect with us. Here's how we can be of service:
  • Get in touch with us.
  • Discuss the distinctive requirements you have.
  • Receive the highest level of expertise and support.
Step 2
Eligibility Assessment
Following your initial contact, we will proceed with an eligibility assessment.  This involves evaluating your circumstances to determine if you qualify for our household assistance services. This assessment includes:
  • Evaluation of your household requirements, considering factors such as mobility and daily living needs.
  • Assessment of your financial situation to determine eligibility for funding and support programs.
  • Review of your health and disability status to tailor your service needs.
  • Assess home safety and accessibility for necessary modifications.
Step 3
Discuss Your Needs

Once you become eligible for NDIS household assistance, we will engage in dialogue with you to gain insight into your specific household requirements. This enables us to customise our services to perfectly align with your unique circumstances, ensuring the utmost support and satisfaction. Discussions during this phase may encompass the following:

  • Everyday Living Requirements
  • Mobility and Accessibility
  • Health and Wellness
  • Goals and Aspirations
  • Preferences for Support
Step 4
Plan Management and Funding Allocation

After we have gained a thorough understanding of your needs, we will collaborate to formulate a strategy for the efficient management of household work. Here's how we will assist you in this process:

  • We will create a tailored plan aligned with your goals and ambitions.
  • Our offerings will adapt to meet your specific needs.
  • We will help you explore available funding, including government and private sources.
  • We will assist in preparing your funding application meticulously.
  • To match your evolving needs and goals, we will regularly fine-tune the plan.
Step 5
Service Agreement

Finally, we will establish a service agreement to formalise our partnership, providing a clear roadmap for our collaboration. This agreement encompasses:

  • Clarification of the range of household assistance services you will receive.
  • Determination of the frequency of our support, whether it is daily, weekly, or on an as-needed basis.
  • Specification of the precise daily activity tasks such as cleaning and cooking. 
  • Elaboration of the partnership's terms, including responsibilities, expectations and relevant legal aspects.
  • Emphasis on a clear, transparent agreement for mutual understanding and trust between both parties.

Explore our range of everyday household activities

Our services are thoughtfully crafted to simplify your daily life, providing assistance with a diverse range of NDIS household chores that enhance the comfort and upkeep of your home.


Our team of trained professionals will ensure your home is spotless, creating a tidy and inviting living environment that allows you to relax and enjoy.


Leave the hassle of laundry management to us! We will handle your laundry, from washing to folding, ensuring your clothes are clean, fresh and organised.


Leaving your dishes ready for use, we will handle the dirty dishes, cutlery and cookware, ensuring you enjoy a clutter-free and sparkling kitchen.


Our team will pay special attention to hard-to-reach areas, ensuring your home is a dust and allergen-free sanctuary for a revitalised living space.

General house maintenance

From minor repairs to light bulb replacements, we will address various issues that may arise in your home, creating a functional living environment.

Meal preparation

Our culinary team will maintain a balanced and nutritious diet that caters to your well-being by accommodating your dietary preferences and restrictions.

Changing bed linen

We will ensure that your bed remains fresh and inviting, maintaining a hygienic sleeping space to promote better sleep quality for a restful night.


Enjoy a well-groomed garden without physical exertion. From lawn mowing and weeding to pruning, we will keep your garden tidy and visually appealing.

Let us help you with Your Household Tasks in Melbourne

Explore Our Services Today for a Better Tomorrow.

NDIS Funding for Household Activities

Boost your household activity participation with NDIS funding, offering essential support, resources and adaptations to maintain autonomy at home.

Core Supports

Supporting your overall well-being with tasks critical to daily life, core support funding encompasses a range of essential services such as cooking and cleaning.

Capacity Building Supports

Fostering your daily living independence, this funding encompasses services for personal care while aiding in the efficient management of household duties.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

SDA funding caters to individuals with significant impairments, supporting specialised housing tailored to disability-related needs, including purpose-built accommodations.

Assistive Technology

Designed to simplify household work, funding for assistive technology encompasses devices such as adaptive kitchen tools, mobility aids, communication devices and smart home systems.

Home Modifications

Enhance accessibility and safety with ramps, grab rails, and bathroom adaptations for independent household activities with home modification funding.

Support Coordination

Support coordination funding helps you navigate the NDIS, understand your plan, and organise suitable household support for optimal assistance.

Don't Wait! Take the First Step Towards Independence at Home

Independence is an invaluable aspect of life, and it begins from the comfort and control you experience within your own home. Delaying positive changes can hinder the freedom and convenience you deserve. Our extensive range of support services is meticulously crafted to empower you, facilitating a self-reliant and enriching life. Opting for our services is more than just a practical investment; it is an enhancement of your overall quality of life.

Our commitment is to support you through each step on your path to reclaiming your autonomy. Contact us now to start your journey towards an empowered and liberated lifestyle.

Ndis household task preparing meal

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Frequently Asked Questions

NDIS assistance with daily tasks refers to support services provided to individuals with disabilities to help them manage various domestic chores and maintain their homes. These services are designed to improve the quality of life for NDIS participants by alleviating the burden of daily household duties.

NDIS support for daily household tasks encompasses a wide range of services, including but not limited to cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, dishwashing, home organisation, gardening, minor home repairs, pet care, and more. These services aim to provide assistance with household tasks to individuals with disabilities, enabling them to maintain a clean and functional living environment and support their independent living goals. The specific tasks covered can vary based on individual NDIS plans and assessed needs.
Yes, NDIS home care support is available throughout the Melbourne and Victoria region. The NDIS operates across all states and territories in Australia, including Victoria. Therefore, individuals residing in Melbourne and other areas of Victoria can access NDIS subsidies and support for household tasks if they meet the eligibility criteria and have an approved NDIS plan.

To access NDIS Household Task support, you must first qualify as an NDIS participant with an approved plan that designates funding for these specific services. Once your NDIS plan has been established, you have the option to select a registered NDIS service provider such as Auspire Care to provide the necessary support and services.

Absolutely, NDIS Household duty support is crafted to be adaptable and personalised according to your distinct needs and preferences. Service providers collaborate closely with NDIS participants to create bespoke plans that cater to individual requirements and aspirations.
Yes, our outdoor household task support extends to comprehensive gardening services, ensuring that your outdoor spaces are well-maintained and enjoyable. This includes essential activities like lawn mowing to keep your grass at an optimal length, meticulous weeding to maintain a weed-free garden and skilful pruning to encourage healthy plant growth and an aesthetically pleasing garden.

Auspire Care is a trusted NDIS provider in Melbourne renowned for its expertise in assisting individuals with disabilities. With extensive experience in the field, we offer a broad spectrum of services, including housekeeping. Our dedicated and highly qualified team excels in addressing the unique needs of participants, prioritising a person-centred approach that customises services to individual preferences and requirements. We are committed to adhering to NDIS regulations and standards, ensuring the quality and safety of our services. Our outstanding reputation in the NDIS community is built on positive reviews, referrals and a strong track record, making us a dependable and respected choice for those seeking NDIS support.