Cost of Home Care Packages (HCP) in Melbourne

Cost of Home Care Packages (HCP) in Melbourne

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Home is where the heart is, they say, but maintaining that beloved home can become increasingly challenging as we age. For many elderly individuals residing in Melbourne, the cost of care services has become an alarming concern. With the growing demand for assistance, the cost of Home Care Packages (HCP) has been a topic of interest.

According to recent data, the average cost of HCP in Melbourne can range anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000 per year, depending on the level of care required. With these substantial figures, it is crucial to delve deeper into understanding the HCP, and its factors that influence the cost of HCP and explore potential solutions that can make this vital care more affordable for Melbourne’s seniors.


What is a Home Care Package (HCP)?

A home care package is a personalised support plan designed to help individuals maintain their independence and quality of life while living in their own homes. These packages are tailored to meet the specific care needs of each individual and can include a wide range of services such as personal care, domestic assistance, home modifications, nursing care, and allied health services. This program aims to help older Australians and those with disabilities maintain their independence and quality of life by providing a range of services and supports tailored to their specific needs.

The Australian government subsidises home care packages through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) and the Home Care Packages Program (HCPP). These subsidies are means-tested, meaning that individuals with higher incomes will receive a lower subsidy, while those with lower incomes will receive a higher subsidy. There are four Home Care Package Levels (HCPL) such as:


Level 1: Basic Care Needs:

These packages offer a limited range of entry-level services to assist with daily activities, such as personal care, domestic assistance, and some basic health and well-being support.


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Level 2: Low-Level Care Needs:

These packages provide a slightly higher level of care and support than the basic care level. They are suitable for individuals with low-level care needs who may require additional services beyond basic care.


Level 3: Intermediate Care Needs:

These packages provide a more comprehensive range of services to meet the higher-level care requirements of individuals. They may include services like personal care, domestic assistance, nursing care, allied health services, social support, and additional support for specialised care needs.


Level 4: High-Level Care Needs:

These packages are designed for individuals with complex care needs who require significant assistance to live independently at home. These in-home support services can include tailored care, nursing assistance, and much more.


Understanding Home Care Package Costs and Fees in Melbourne

Home Care Packages in Australia involve various fees and costs that individuals may need to contribute towards their care. It’s important to note that the fees and costs can vary based on an individual’s financial circumstances and the level of home care they prefer. Here are the key aspects related to Home Care Package fees:


Basic Daily Fee:

The basic daily fee is a mandatory payment applicable to all individuals receiving Home Care Packages. Set by the government as a percentage of the single basic age pension, this fee varies depending on the four levels of your Home Care service, ranging from 15.68% to 17.50%.
According to Myagedcare, the basic daily fees are:

Package Level Daily fee Fortnightly fee
HCPL 1 $10.88 $152.32
HCPL 2 $11.50 $161.00
HCPL 3 $11.83 $165.62
HCPL 4 $12.14 $169.96

Note: The basic daily fee is adjusted biannually, specifically in March and September, to align with changes in the age pension. By linking the fee to the age pension, the government aims to ensure fairness and consistency in contribution across Home Care Package recipients.

Income-Tested Care Fee:

The income-tested care fee is an additional contribution that individuals may be required to pay based on their income assessment. The fee varies for each person and is determined by factors such as individual income and pension status. However, it’s important to note that full pensioners and individuals with an income up to $31,504.20 are exempt from paying the income-tested fee.

According to mydaycare, the pricing schedules are as follows:

Fees Single Couple
$17.42 per day Earn over $31,504.20 per year – Couple living together and earning over $24,429.60 per year.
– Couple living apart due to illness and earning over $30,880.20 per year.
$17.42 and $34.84 per day Earn over $60.632.00 per year – Couple living together and earning over $46,384.00 per year.
– Couple living apart due to illness and earning over $60,008.00 per year


Care Management Fee and Package Management Fee:

The Care Management Fee plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless coordination and effective management of your care services. Starting from January 1, 2023, providers are limited to charging a maximum of 20% of the package level for care management.

The maximum fees that can be charged per fortnight are as follows:

Home Care Package Level Care Management Fee
HCPL 1 $70.42
HCPL 2 $123.90
HCPL 3 $269.50
HCPL 4 $408.66


Package Management Fee:

The Package Management Fee is designed to cover essential administrative tasks associated with your aged care package. As of January 1, 2023, providers are bound by government regulations that cap the fee at a maximum of 15% of the package level. This fee encompasses a range of important activities, such as monitoring, reporting and managing the financial aspects of your package.

The maximum fees that can be charged per fortnight are as follows:

Home Care Package Level Package Management Fee
Level 1 $52.78
Level 2 $92.96
Level 3 $202.16
Level 4 $306.46


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Factors Influencing Cost of Home Care Package

Understanding the factors that influence the affordability of care for seniors is crucial. By doing so, you can explore potential solutions to ensure that seniors can access the quality care they need within their financial means. Some of the factors that impact the cost of Home Care Packages include:

  1. Package level: The assigned level of the Home Care Package directly impacts the cost, with higher-level packages requiring more intensive care. Optimising care plans to match individuals’ specific needs can help manage costs effectively.
  2. Care provider fees: Comparing fees and services from different home care providers can help individuals find more cost-effective options without compromising quality. Researching and selecting providers that offer competitive pricing is crucial.
  3. Income and means testing: Individuals’ income and assets are considered when determining the fees they contribute. Seeking professional financial advice and exploring strategies to optimise income and asset structures can help manage means-tested fees.
  4. Government subsidies and financial assistance: Advocating for increased government funding and exploring available financial assistance programs, such as the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), can help reduce the financial burden on seniors.
  5. Consumer-directed care, collaboration and technology: Empowering seniors to manage their Home Care Package actively, exploring collaborative partnerships for cost savings, and embracing technology and innovation can optimise care delivery and reduce administrative costs.


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