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Our extensive range of services for SIL services like personal care, healthcare and medication management, skill development, and more, empowering you to live independently.

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Supporting you to live a more Fulfilled Life with Independence

Living with a disability doesn’t mean sacrificing independence and personal aspirations. Auspire Care believes that every individual has the right to lead a fulfilling life, and our SIL program is designed to make this belief a reality.

SIL provides support and empowers you to lead more independent lives, promoting a sense of self-worth and accomplishment. We help you gain the skills and confidence to navigate daily challenges for you to experience an improved quality of life. You receive disability support in acquiring essential living skills such as cooking, budgeting, personal hygiene, community engagement and help throughout the day. The specific skills addressed are based on your individual needs and goals.

Supporting you to live a more Fulfilled Life with Independence​

Our Approach to Supported Independent Living

SIL is more than just a service; it’s a transformative approach to support people. Join us as we delve into this approach and explore how it makes a significant difference in your lives.

Empowering Independence

At the heart of our SIL approach is the unwavering commitment to empowering independence. We believe that you deserve to live as independently as possible, regardless of your disability.

Personalised Support Plans

Our goal is to collaborate closely with you to understand your goals, preferences, and aspirations and offer a customised framework that promotes independence and well-being.

Consistent Support Teams

Join us to taste the benefits of consistent and familiar support teams, fostering trust, and building strong relationships that are crucial for your overall development.

Relationship-Centered Care

We prioritise building meaningful connections with you as we recognise the fact that a nurturing and supportive environment is key to your success and happiness.

Holistic Well-being

Beyond addressing immediate support needs, we focus on your holistic well-being. This includes physical, emotional, and social well-being, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling life.

Respite and Day Clubs

Discover our respite and day club programs, designed to provide you with opportunities for relasation, socialisation, and personal growth. Your well-being is our top priority.

Live Life on your own terms with our SIL Accommodation​

How to Apply for Supported Independent Living?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is designed to improve access to quality and personalized support for individuals with disabilities, aiming to boost their independence and involvement in social and economic activities. This also extends to their carers when required. Specifically, for those diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

The NDIS offers a range of essential services. This includes aid in personal care, engagement with the community, dietary guidance, skill-building, transportation, home maintenance, and behavioral guidance. Notably, when individuals are granted their NDIS plan, they often receive Plan Management and Support Coordination Funding.

The extent of this funding is influenced by the severity of the person’s disability. Collaborating with Auspire Care can assist in pinpointing primary needs and drafting a plan to ensure a meaningful life.

Supported Independent Living Options

Discover our diverse range of SIL options, catering to different support needs. Choose from shared living, home management, in-home respite, and independent living.

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards finding the perfect Supported Independent Living (SIL) services in Melbourne? We are here to assist you every step of the way!

1. Contact Us
2. Assessment and Eligibility
3. Apply for SIL funding
4. Create a Support Plan
5. Transition and Set-Up
6. Training and Orientation
7. Regular Assessments and Updates
Step 1
Contact Us

When it comes to booking SIL services in Melbourne, Auspire Care is your trusted partner. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your needs. Here's how we can assist you:

  • Reach out to us 
  • Engage in a comprehensive discussion.
  • Receive expert guidance.
Step 2
Assessment and Eligibility

Understanding your unique needs is at the core of our service. Our experienced experts conduct in-depth assessments to determine if Supported Independent Living (SIL) is the right fit for you. This assessment includes:

  • An in-depth evaluation conducted by our experts to understand your specific requirements.
  • A determination of SIL suitability based on your individual needs and circumstances.
  • Guiding you through the eligibility process to ensure you meet the necessary criteria.
  • Helping you gain clarity on whether SIL funding is applicable to your situation.
Step 3
Apply for SIL funding

Securing funding for your SIL journey can be a crucial step. Auspire Care is here to assist you throughout the application process, ensuring all necessary documentation is complete. Our support includes:

  • Providing comprehensive assistance in preparing your SIL funding application, leaving no detail overlooked.
  • Ensuring that all essential documentation is accurately completed.
  • Submitting your application to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) on your behalf, streamlining the process.
Step 4
Create a Support Plan

At Auspire Care, we understand that every individual's journey towards independent living is unique. We collaborate with you to create a personalized support plan that caters to your specific requirements. Our support plan services encompass:

  • Collaborating with you to craft a support plan tailored to your goals and aspirations.
  • Adapting support services to align with your unique needs.
  • Addressing your individual goals and aspirations to empower your journey towards independent living.
Step 5
Transition and Set-Up

Obtaining SIL services should be a smooth and well-organized process. Auspire Care is committed to ensuring your comfort and safety during this phase. Our transition and set-up services include:

  • Facilitating a smooth and organized transition to your SIL service and accommodation.
  • Providing support with logistics and the moving process.
  • Ensuring that your new environment is comfortable and safe.
  • Assisting you in settling into your new home and addressing any initial concerns or questions.
Step 6
Training and Orientation

We believe in equipping you with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in your new SIL home. Our training and orientation services encompass:

  • Offering orientation on your SIL home to help you become familiar with your surroundings.
  • Providing training on essential daily living skills that empower your independence.
  • Ensuring that you are comfortable with your new environment by addressing any questions or concerns you may have.
Step 7
Regular Assessments and Updates

Continuous improvement is at the heart of our services. We conduct periodic assessments to track progress, make necessary adjustments to your support plan, and keep you informed about any changes in SIL services to ensure your needs are continuously met.

  • Conducting periodic assessments to track your progress.
  • Making necessary adjustments to your support plan to align with your evolving goals and requirements.
  • Keep you informed about changes in SIL services.
  • Ensure your needs are continuously met.

Together Toward Freedom with NDIS SIL Services

Are you or your loved ones looking for NDIS Supported Independent Living services that empower people with disabilities to live as independently as possible? Join us on this journey towards freedom.

Life Skill Development

We offer opportunities to enhance your life skills, fostering personal growth and self-reliance. Let us empower you through skill development like Safety awareness, and Communication. 

Healthcare Management

Your health is a priority. Our services include healthcare management to ensure you receive the necessary medical care and support to maintain your well-being.

Preparation of meals

Enjoy nutritious and delicious meals with our support workers! Your dietary preferences and requirements are carefully considered to provide you with the nourishment you need.

Emotional and Behavioral Support

We provide you with teachings on emotional regulation techniques and coping strategies to help you manage stress, anxiety, and emotional challenges effectively.

Personal Care and Daily Living Activities

Independence thrives when you have the support you need assistance with daily activities and personal care. Let us help you live your life on your life on your individual terms.

Social and Community Participation

Freedom also means being an active part of your community. We promote social and community participation, helping you build connections and engage in meaningful activities.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

We focus on enhancing your communication and interpersonal skills, including using assistive communication devices or sign language, to express your needs and thoughts clearly.

Coordination of Services

We understand that navigating the NDIS system can be complex. Hence our primary mission is to simplify this journey, ensuring that you receive the support you need without the complexities.

Additional NDIS Funded Services

Beyond the basics, we offer a range of additional support options to suit your unique needs. Explore how these services can enhance your independence and quality of life with us.

Unlock a World of Compassionate Care

Contact Us Now to Empower Your Loved Ones with unmatched Supported Independent Living in Australia!

Types of Supported Independent Living Accommodation

When it comes to finding the right accommodation, one size does not fit all. NDIS acknowledges the variety of needs and provide multiple types of supported independent living options.

Individualised Living Options (ILO)

ILO is all about putting personal goals according to unique needs and aspirations at the forefront. This approach empowers participants to take control of their living environment and work towards the vision of an independent life.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

SDA provides a permanent home environment with high support needs and complex disability-related requirements. SDA and SIL cover the cost of accessible housing, such as modified apartments or houses equipped with assistive technologies.

Short-Term Accommodation (STA)

This serves as a respite option, providing the opportunity to stay in a supported environment while the usual caregivers take a break. It offer temporary housing solutions through STA to NDIS participants.

Medium-Term Accommodation (MTA)

This bridges the gap between short-term and long-term living arrangements and is valuable during times of transition. With our MTA, participants get a place to stay for an extended period while awaiting more permanent housing solutions.

Let Us Help You Find Your Path to Independent Living

Let Us Help You Find Your Path to Independent Living 

From determining your needs/goals and navigating the application process to securing fund for independent living, we will guide you through the steps to ensure that your application is complete and accurate. With the right support, you will continue to enjoy your hobbies, interests, and passion and enhance the quality of life. Do not worry! We are here to support you from the beginning, working together to make your transition towards independent living a smooth and empowering experience.  Let us be your partner in this journey, guiding you every step of the way!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a vital program designed to provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to live as independently as possible while receiving the necessary support and care they need. It offers a supportive living environment where individuals can receive assistance with daily tasks while enjoying the freedom and autonomy of living in your own home.

Eligibility for SIL funding is determined through a comprehensive assessment process conducted by the National Disability Insurance Scheme in Australia. Here are the key factors that influence eligibility. To be eligible for SIL funding, you must meet the scheme criteria for having a disability, and you must be under the age of 65. You must be an Australian citizen, a permanent resident, or hold a Protected Special Category Visa to access SIL funding through the NDIS. You must initiate the process by contacting the NDIS. You can either call them or fill out an online form to express your interest in accessing SIL funding.

Auspire Care offers a comprehensive range of support services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences including assistance with personal care and daily living activities like bathing and meal preparation. We also provide healthcare management such as medication administration and wound care. In addition, we offer social and community participation support, life skill development, emotional and behavioural support, help with communication aids, and coordination of services with healthcare providers. Our services are designed to enhance your well-being and independence while staying in your own home.

The first step to determine if you have a National Disability Insurance Scheme funding for Supported Independent Living is to review your plan. This plan outlines the support and services you are eligible to receive under the scheme. The other essential steps involves reviewing your NDIS plan, contacting your support coordinator, undergoing an assessment if necessary, speaking with NDIS representatives, and consulting with SIL providers. The funding eligibility is based on individual needs, so it’s crucial to explore these avenues to confirm your funding status.

SIL costs will vary depending on factors such as the level of support needed, the type of housing, and the location. The NDIS provides funding for SIL based on an individual’s assessed needs and goals. The funding is designed to cover the reasonable and necessary costs associated with supported independent living.

You need to be an NDIS participant first and foremost, to apply for Supported Independent Living. The application process involves contacting the NDIA and requesting a plan. A planning meeting will be arranged where you can discuss your needs and goals. During this meeting, you can express your interest in receiving SIL funding and discuss your support requirements. The NDIA will then assess your eligibility and determine the level of funding you may receive.

The main difference between SIL (Supported Independent Living) and SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) is that SIL focuses on the support provided to individuals to live independently, while SDA focuses on the physical accommodation itself. The supports services needed to live independently within the chosen accommodation is covered by SIL funding, while SDA funding covers the costs associated with the accessible and specialised housing.

Supported Living and Independent Living are often used interchangeably, but there can be a subtle difference in their meaning. Supported Living typically refers to living arrangements where individuals with disabilities receive varying levels of support to live as independently as possible while building SIL supports. Independent Living generally refers to individuals with disabilities having control and choice over their lives, making decisions, and engaging in activities without relying on constant support.

Services under Core Supports and SIL are both support categories under the NDIS. However, Core Supports include funding for everyday activities like assistance with personal care, household tasks, community participation, and skill development. SIL supports, on the other hand, particularly focuses on the support required for individuals to live independently in a shared living arrangement. It is typically allocated to cover the additional supports needed beyond the Core Supports to facilitate independent living.