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Auspire care assists participants in selecting the highest quality care and support to maximise their NDIS funding. Let’s find a Care Professional who best meets your needs among the local support workers and nurses in our network. 

Support Coordinators 

Getting assistance from professionals who know what they’re doing is a fantastic resource. There is a lot of information to sort through, and dealing with it on your own can be overwhelming. A support coordinator can assist you in better understanding the NDIS programme and determining how to best use it. They can show you how to access and use the online portal, giving you direct access to your information and funds, as well as assisting you in preparing for the next NDIS meeting.

If your NDIS plan includes Support coordination, you can use your choice and control to work with a support coordinator. A support coordinator will work with you to ensure that a variety of supports are used to help you maintain relationships, manage service delivery tasks, live more independently, and be a part of your community. 

A Support Coordinator can:  
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NDIS Specialist ABN Support Coordination Service We Offer

Implement the NDIS plan, including assistance in selecting preferred options or providers, and gradually build your capacity to direct and manage your own support while exercising choice and control. 

Organise any assessments that may be required to determine the type and amount of funding needed (e.g. assessment to determine type of complex home modifications required) 

Negotiate services and prices, create service agreements and bookings with preferred providers, make changes to provider service agreements, and assist participants in understanding their responsibilities 

Increase your access to the mainstream or community services such as education, health, housing, and transportation. In addition, provide guidance on housing options and life transitions. 

Assist in determining the budget for each type of support and informing plan managers of how the funds will be spent. 

Examine all mainstream, community, informal, and provider support options. Assist in the resolution of any crises, problems, or issues that may arise. 

Why Choose Us?

Auspire Care offers personalised services as well as integrated care management solutions. We ensure that the people you care about receiving the best possible care. 

Service Coverage 

Our services range from basic home care to complex nursing procedures and range from 1-hour home visits to 24-hour overnight care. 


We work with you to achieve your NDIS objectives. For example, if you have 20 hours of social support, contact scheduled, we understand how important variety is. We can provide a regular schedule or incorporate seasonal activities that you may find interesting. 


We have excellent communication skills. In the unlikely event that we must cancel or reschedule services due to an unexpected event, we will notify your client as soon as possible. 


We take pride in its flexibility as we are quick to respond to changes in the requirements sought by your NDIS clients. 

Qualified Care Professionals 

Our support workers and nurses are subjected to extensive background checks to ensure that they are qualified for the position. 

Seamless Care Management 

With our care management tools, you can easily view and manage your bookings. 

Featured testimonials from our customers

My sister recently received the first NDIS package. Prior to that, I was completely self-sufficient and cared for my sister. It took me a long time to ask for assistance. Everything changed for the better after I connected with Auspire Care. They made it simple for me to seek assistance. Their suggestions for finding services were fantastic. Everything about Auspire Care appeals to me. There's nothing I'd change—they're the best! 
Talia H
I just wanted to thank my Support Coordinator for her professionalism. I talked to her on the phone for an hour yesterday and we had a great conversation. She took the time to explain everything to me thoroughly and at a leisurely pace (as there was a lot to take in). I could sense her kind and genuine nature over the phone, and it was very reassuring to know that my father (and our family) would receive the best care possible. I'm excited to collaborate with her and see what we can accomplish together. 
Centaine C
They were extremely responsive, and they worked extremely hard. They can be reached at any time. I was using other services, and they communicated well with them—they fit in well. I've had no issues. 
Denbeigh A

Frequently Asked Questions

A support coordinator is very familiar with the NDIS. They could aid NDIS users in: 
  • Determine each person’s needs and aspirations for development. 
  • Find the supports that are best suited to achieving their needs and goals by navigating the NDIS marketplace (including mainstream, community, informal, and provider options). 
  • Complete service agreements and bookings, communicate with support providers to maximise the number of support hours, and 
  • Increasing capacity and exercising choice and control, for instance, through mentoring and instruction on how to use the NDIS portal, keep an eye on spending, and locate providers 
  • Track and document their advancement in achieving their objectives 
  • Get ready for an NDIS plan. Review and offer assistance both during and after 

Assisting NDIS participants in understanding their NDIS Plan, identifying their needs and goals, tracking their progress, and connecting with the people and support they need to live with autonomy and choice is the responsibility of a support coordinator. 

The administrative and financial aspects of a participant’s NDIS Plan are handled by a Plan Manager. The Plan Manager is in charge of managing budgets, processing claims, and invoices, and organising payments, for instance. Your support coordinator can help you set up plan management services if you need them. 

Prior to, during, and following an NDIS Plan Review meeting, a support coordinator can assist participants and their representatives. 
By creating a Plan Review Report that lists the services set up to meet the NDIS participant’s objectives. This report contains recommendations for upcoming services as well as all assessment reports (to show the progression towards goals while utilising a service, during the Plan period). 
By doing any necessary research on specialised tools and services. 
By assisting participants, their family members, or representatives, with the process on the day of the Plan Review meeting. 
By serving as a point of contact for National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) employees, providing them with the clarification and extra data needed to produce a high-quality NDIS Plan for the participant. 


Support Coordination will be listed under ‘Capacity Building’ in the NDIS Plan for eligible NDIS participants. The NDIS Plan Review meeting determines eligibility for Support Coordination. 


Yes. NDIS providers should have plans in place to avoid conflicts of interest.


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