How to Choose Your NDIS Plan Manager? What are the benefits of agency managed NDIS?

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As an NDIS participant, you have complete control over your NDIS funding and how it is managed throughout your plan’s duration.  

You have three choices for managing your NDIS pricing. You have the option of having your budget managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), also known as agency-managed, managing it yourself (self-managed), or having it managed by a registered, third-party NDIS Plan Manager.  

If you decide to have your disability plan managed by a third-party agency, you may be wondering how to find the right NDIS plan manager for you.  

In this blog, we’ll discuss what an NDIS plan manager does, what the benefits are, and how to find the best NDIS plan management service providers for your needs!  


What exactly is an NDIS Plan Manager?  

If you have chosen to have your NDIS funding plan managed, you appoint an NDIS plan manager to manage your NDIS budget. 

There are numerous NDIS plan managers available, each with its own distinct style and set of skills. You have the option of selecting the provider of your choice. If you’re not satisfied, you can switch to a different provider. 

A plan manager is a disability support provider who works with NDIS participants to maximise plan funds. Their service is known as “NDIS Plan Management,” or “Improved Life Choices, CB Choice, and Control in Your Plan.”  

Here are some examples of how they accomplished this.  

  • Paying bills on your behalf and maintaining all records  
  • Budget management and keeping you informed of any remaining or low funds
  • Provide you with tailored advice on how to spend your budget to maximise services.  
  • Assist you in preparing for NDIS plan reviews.  
  • Negotiate better rates with service providers on your behalf.  
  • Assist you in navigating the NDIS in simple language that you can understand.  

All disability plan management agency is a trusted third-party service provider for the financial management of your plan and works independently of the NDIS and NDIA.  


Benefits of the NDIS Plan Management  

NDIS price guide details the funding that you can spend to make your and your loved ones’ lives easier. Choosing a plan manager for your NDIS plan gives you the advantages of self-management as well as the ease of agency management. It’s much easier than self-managing your plan because you don’t have to keep track of all the invoices and claims, and you don’t have to make sure that all of the paperwork is completed correctly.

Using a plan manager, similar to using an agency manager, relieves you of financial responsibilities for your support plan. Simultaneously, using a plan manager gives you the same level of choice and control as self-management. 

At the same time, using a plan manager provides you with the same level of choice and control as self-management. You can only use NDIA-approved providers with agency management, and you must pay the standard fees for all approved services.

However, when selecting a plan manager, you can use any service provider you want, including those who are not NDIA-approved. You can also ask your plan manager to negotiate costs on your behalf, which may result in you paying less than the standard fees for services. A plan manager combines the ease of agency management with the flexibility of self-management, giving many participants the best of both worlds. 

Finally, employing a plan manager will never deplete your support plan funds. You can request a plan manager from the NDIA during your support planning meeting if you want one. Plan management funding will be added to your support budget as a new category, with no effect on the funds available for spending in other categories. 

A registered Plan Manager is your link to the NDIS. They are an unbiased third party acting on your behalf and always looking out for your best interests.  

Some Plan Managers will go above and beyond by facilitating the best support for you and providing personalised advice tailored to your specific needs and goals.   


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How to find an NDIS Plan Manager  

Plan managers, for example, are one way to locate NDIS service providers. One of the most effective methods is to use the Provider Finder tool on the NDIS myplace participant portal.  

The NDIS lists all registered providers and includes information about the services they offer, their location, and contact information.  

Although you are not required to use a registered NDIS plan manager, it can provide you with additional peace of mind. Providers must provide proof of all required qualifications, approvals, experience, and access to support in order to be registered with the NDIA.  

Registered providers must also follow specific laws, guidelines, and policies that non-registered providers are not required to follow.  


How to Choose a Plan Manager 

You have been given permission to manage plans. Now comes the difficult part: selecting the right NDIS plan management providers for you. 

This can be overwhelming at times, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some key considerations when selecting a plan manager. 


Empathy and comprehension 

You are an individual with distinct needs, and your plan manager should be aware of this. Throughout your NDIS journey, you should feel heard and supported. The NDIS can be overwhelming at times, but having someone who understands this and understands you is essential. 


NDIS knowledge 

Your plan manager should be well-versed in the NDIS and the disability sector. They should also share their knowledge, assisting you in comprehending critical information about your plan and support. They should provide you with information to help you gain confidence and independence in managing your plan. 



Your plan manager should be easy to contact and talk to, with communication channels that work for you. If you prefer to talk on the phone, make sure they take the time to talk to you.

Alternatively, if you prefer online or email communication, make sure they respond promptly. It’s critical to have someone on the other end of the phone/email who understands what you’re asking and can provide clear, decisive answers. 


Plan and budget visibility  

Being aware of your support spending is an important part of managing your NDIS plan. Is your plan manager allowing you to see your budget? You should be able to easily access and review your plan invoices and budget, ensuring you stay on track for the duration of your plan.  


Trust and dependability  

You need to be able to trust your plan manager. They should make you feel relaxed, at ease, and at ease with the procedure. It is beneficial to seek recommendations from others or to read reviews online to learn about other people’s experiences. 


A process that is quick and efficient 

Check the payment terms with your plan manager. You want to know whether they will pay you on time and whether your service providers will be paid on time.


Different types of Plan Management  

There are four ways of Plan Management:  

  • Self-managed 

The most direct approach – Self-management gives you the most flexibility, choice, and control. It is also the most responsible option and can be time-consuming. Self-management implies that you manage your own affairs or that you use a nominee (usually a parent or carer).  

What’s involved?  

  • You select and organise your support, including the personnel services and items purchased as part of your plan.  
  • You pay the invoices for your assistance.  
  • It is not required, but you may want to open a bank account to manage your NDIS funding.  
  • You keep proper records and receipts for the assistance you receive.  
  • You report to the agency on your NDIS plan funds spent on self-managed items via the myplace portal.  
  • You can request that all or some of the support budgets in your NDIS Plan be self-managed. You may also choose to self-manage only a portion of your NDIS plan; if you do, you will have two support budgets with the same name in your plan, each with a different description of how the support will be paid. For example, if you have funded support for ‘assistance with daily life,’ you could manage your personal support while the NDIA handles your household assistance or vice versa.  


  • NDIS (Agency) administration 

NDIA managed is appropriate for people who are content to use only registered NDIS providers and want someone else to manage their finances. This type of management is becoming less popular as people seek more choice and control.  

What’s involved  

  • You select and organise your own support, including support workers. If you choose an agency-managed plan, they must be registered NDIS providers.  
  • The NDIA manages your support invoices and payments.  
  • The NDIA requests receipts and keeps records of your benefits.  


  • Enlist the assistance of a Plan Manager

A plan management provider is a company that offers plan management services (they must be registered especially for managing plans). The Plan Manager is compensated on a monthly basis for organising the financial aspects of your plan. 

What’s involved 

  • You meet with your designated plan manager to go over your NDIS plan. 
  • Your Plan Manager is in charge of organising and managing the financial aspects of your NDIS plan. 
  • You select and organise your own support, including support workers. 


  • A combination of the management options listed above

You may be able to combine self-management with NDIS management. This means that you have control over who manages your NDIS finances. 

This option is appropriate for people who are content to have the NDIS manage parts of their budget but want control over certain services. This is especially useful if you want to hire a support service that is not listed on the NDIS. Remember, when you hand over control to NDIA, you lose flexibility and control! 

What’s involved 

  • You select and organise your own support, including support workers. 
  • You ensure that relevant invoices for self-managed support are paid on time. 
  • You keep accurate records and receipts for any and all support that you choose to self-manage. 
  • You must report to the NDIA the amount used and funds spent on your NDIS plan’s self-managed items. 
  • NDIA will manage the budget allocations you give them. 


How can plan managers assist you in managing your NDIS plan?  

Participants in the NDIS can manage their NDIS funding in one of three ways: self-managed, plan-managed, or NDIA-managed. Many participants prefer to have their NDIS plans managed by plan managers. There are numerous plan managers available, but you may become perplexed when it comes to locating and selecting the best plan managers in your area.  

So, how do you navigate the market and find the best plan manager to help you manage your plans?  

This blog will show you how to find the right plan manager to assist NDIS participants in using their funds and reaching their goals.  

Let us first look at how a plan manager can assist participants. 

  • They aid in the development of financial and plan management abilities. 
  • They assist participants in the self-management of their plan. 
  • They aid in keeping track of the NDIS budget. 
  • They broaden the pool of NDIS providers 

These are some examples of how the plan managers can assist NDIS participants in achieving their goals and becoming self-sufficient. 

Now, let’s look at some of the qualities you should look for in a plan manager to ensure effective plan management. 


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What are some of the most important characteristics of a reliable plan manager?  

  • The plan managers must be NDIS registered. 

You can choose between registered and unregistered service providers when selecting a plan, but a registered NDIS plan manager will benefit you more than an unregistered one. This is because only an NDIS-registered provider can use the online portal to submit claims on your behalf.  


  • A plan manager should have financial knowledge. 

A plan manager must provide financial expertise to NDIS participants and assist them in making proper use of their NDIS funds. Your plan managers will assist you in making payments to service providers and will advise you on where and how to spend your NDIS funds. You must locate plan managers who can assist with the plan’s financial expertise and are knowledgeable enough to assist you in managing your NDIS funding.  


  • Plan managers must be open and honest.

Transparency must be maintained by the plan managers you select. They must use a plan management platform to which you have access. You should be able to see your transactions in real-time, and transparency is essential for this. 


  • Communication should be simple.

Communication between NDIS participants and plan managers should be simple. Participants should feel at ease and be able to communicate easily with their plan manager. Before hiring a plan manager, find out how they communicate with others and make sure the communication is seamless. 


  • Plan managers should provide you with options and control.

A good plan manager will give you control over your plan and let you make your own decisions. A skilled plan manager will understand your requirements and empower you to manage your plan. 


Is an Independent Plan Manager Required? 

It is critical that your plan manager manages the financial aspects of your plan with integrity and objectivity. That is why the NDIA encourages participants to select independent plan managers who do not provide any of your support services. Because you have the freedom to select any provider for each of your services, the NDIA suggests selecting a plan manager in addition to your service providers. 

However, using a plan manager from an agency that is also an approved NDIS service provider may be more convenient. Plan managers must have policies in place to ‘actively manage any conflicts of interest,’ ensuring they can provide unbiased financial advice regarding the management of your plan. 

Still unsure how to locate an NDIS planner or plan manager? There are other options for getting advice on selecting the right provider. 

  • Request a recommendation from your local area coordinator (LAC) or support coordinator. 
  • Consult with friends or family who has used the NDIS. 
  • Look up “NDIS planner or plan manager near me” on the internet or enter your suburb name and let your search engine help you find a local provider. To help you make the best decision, read their website, blogs, and reviews or testimonials. 



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