NDIS Innovative Community Participation: A Pathway to Inclusion and Empowerment

ndis Innovative Community Participation

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Everyone plays an important role in their community. Unfortunately, many people with disabilities face barriers that prevent them from fully participating in their communities. These impediments range from physical issues like access to seemingly insurmountable social or psychological challenges. The NDIS Innovative Community Participation component is designed to address these barriers, specifically by equipping clients with the social and interpersonal skills needed to participate fully and actively in their community if they so desire.


What is Innovative Community Participation? 

The Innovative Community Participation Program is intended to assist NDIS participants in developing skills that will allow them to participate actively in their community. The programme employs highly skilled Community Engagement Practitioners who work side by side with participants to help them expand their opportunities for community participation and employment.

Community Engagement Practitioners work with participants in their local community using a capacity-building, community-based approach to improve the likelihood that they will use services and make a smooth transition to informal support and/or employment. Participants who access this programme can expect to receive assistance with the following: 

  • The significance of community involvement, social contribution, and interpersonal relationships in maintaining personal well-being 
  • Self-awareness and self-care are essential. 
  • Identifying personal interests, skill sets, and passions and connecting them to employment opportunities 
  • Self-regulation and emotional awareness 
  • Adaptive social competency includes a greater understanding of social norms and expectations. 
  • Their perspectives on disability, independence, confidence, and self-worth 
  • Navigating systems and programmes in order to successfully participate in their community and career path 
  • Preparation and assistance in gaining access to training and employment opportunities 
  • Capacity building for seeking help in the community in the absence of ongoing formalised supports 


Services for Innovative Community Participation 

Participating in the community has the following advantages:-

  • Increasing self-awareness 
  • Increasing self-care 
  • Emotional regulation, confidence, self-esteem, and social skills coaching 
  • Increasing awareness of social norms and socially acceptable behaviour in a variety of settings 
  • Learning how to get help in the community when specialist help is unavailable 
  • Coping with disability in a community setting, which includes raising awareness of the services and accommodations available to people with disabilities. 
  • Having access to community-based social opportunities 
  • Identifying and facilitating participation in hobbies and interests that might be pursued in a community setting 


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Activities for groups

Prices will vary depending on the staff: participant ratio if the assistance provided allows an individual with disabilities to participate in the community, social, and/or recreational activities at a facility as part of a group activity. Higher intensity support is required for the individual if the participant exhibits challenging behaviour or has high medical support needs that necessitate additional assistance.

Non-face-to-face services such as report writing, phone calls, emails, staff research and training, and so on cannot be charged for by group support providers. Because the hourly price caps for these support services already include a grant for non-face-to-face services, this is the case.

What are some examples of how creative community involvement can benefit you?

  • To increase your capacity, meet your basic needs through our food relief programmes. 
  • Learn new skills or improve on your existing ones to gain more independence in your life. 
  • Create a network of friends by socialising and making connections. 
  • Network and learn about new opportunities and services in which you can participate. 
  • Improve your independence and ability to live alone and care for yourself. 


How innovative social and community engagement services can assist you?

Participation in the community benefits everyone. Connecting with others improves disabled people’s sense of well-being and opens up opportunities for them to improve their health, skills, knowledge, and employment prospects. Your participation also strengthens the community and ensures that more innovative community participation programmes can be offered in the future.


How to Get Support for Innovative Community Participation 

We are an NDIS-registered provider of innovative community participation assistance. These services are included in the NDIS’s “Capacity Building: Increased Social and Community Participation” category. Auspire Care services are available if you have funding for this type of assistance. 


We assist you in developing self-awareness by: 

  • Educating you on how social systems relate to disability and your need for independence in order to promote self-worth and confidence. 
  • Understanding the significance of community involvement, social engagement, and relationships in one’s personal well-being 


We assist you in looking for/finding work by: 

  • Identifying your skills and interests in the context of job opportunities 
  • Access to training, re-skilling, and upskilling opportunities, as well as employment 
  • Participating in community interaction programmes with potential job opportunities 


We assist you in developing your social skills by: 

  • Increasing your awareness of social norms and encouraging social competency. 
  • Assisting you in socialising in order to establish your own support network 
  • Assisting you in networking and discovering appropriate opportunities for involvement 
  • Providing you with access to community assistance after formal support has been phased out. 


Advantages of our NDIS innovative community participation programmes 

Our goal is to guide clients away from specialised social and employment opportunities (if they so desire) and towards more general community opportunities. The programmes are delivered in a community setting, with a tailored approach that ensures each client’s needs are met.

Some of the benefits of using our Innovative Community Participation Program are as follows: 

  • Improved job prospects 
  • Social interaction has improved. 
  • New opportunities to acquire new skills 
  • The development of transferrable skills that will be useful in a variety of situations. 
  • Better mental health 
  • A higher standard of living 
  • The opportunity to form new, positive relationships with members of the community 
  • An opportunity to express personal preferences and pursue personal interests in a community setting. 
  • A programme that promotes inclusion and equality of opportunity. 
  • Clients can participate in whatever community activities they want; our job is to provide them with the skills and opportunities they need to thrive in the community. 


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How Can We Help Participants in the Innovative Community Participation Program? 

Our trained and qualified support staff methodically assist participants with innovative community participation in the ways listed below: – 

Assist in understanding the significance of social engagements and relationship building for personal well-being. 

  • Encourage self-esteem and confidence, which aids in independence. 
  • Assist in determining the skills required to begin a successful career. 
  • Assisting with training programmes that aid in the development of skills required for job applications 
  • Aid in the development of social skills by raising awareness of social norms and competencies. 
  • Contribute to the development of socialisation skills 
  • Contribute to the development of a network through which new job opportunities can be discovered. 


How can you access innovative community participation support? 

We are an NDIS-registered provider of innovative community participation assistance. We can help you if you have Capacity Building funding for “Increased Social and Community Participation” in your NDIS plan. Your plan’s funding is flexible and used to meet your needs; if you require this assistance, please notify your Support Coordinator and Support Worker. 

If you are unsure whether you have this funding in your plan, contact us for more information. 



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